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History in brief

After a couple of years employment by Eastmann Kodak Co. in New York, Egan Transø returned to Denmark in 1929 with good ideas and introductory letters from Kodak and other companies. This gave the idea to establish Dansk Emballage Industri A/S on October 1st 1930 in a basement on Lille Strandvej in Hellerup with production of stocking bags in the new transparent material – cellophane. Due to lack of space the company moved several times until Egan Transø in 1937 bought the property Vagtelvej 58, in Frederiksberg. This property was about 600 square meters and was the resident of the company for more than 20 years with several extensions and production with rotary and flat printing machines, bag machines, seal brand machines etc. Due to tough competition and pour return of investment most of the production was sold by in the end of 1950’s. The activities were continued in form of representation of foreign suppliers and the company moved to Finsensvej 33 in Frederiksberg.

On October 1st 1968 Per Transø joined the company after 12 years with A.P. Møller(Shipping Company) of which 6 years were in Southeast Asia. At this point one of the suppliers to Dansk Emballage Industri A/S – Feldmühle in Switzerland – offered a recently developed cellophane adhesive tape for office use and shortly after adhesive tapes for packaging. This was the start of Transotape who in the following years specialized in all kinds of adhesive tapes and foils mostly for industrial use.Transotape represents today some of the best and largest producers of adhesive tapes in Europe and USA so we have a complete program.

 Due to lack of space the company moved June 1st 1983 to Poppelgårdvej 16-18 in Søborg and after an expansion in 1990 we have about 1000 square meters of office and stock.

On October 1st 1997 Peter Transø joined the company as third generation, after 8 years by Hempel(Paint factory) of which 6 years were in Germany. The basis is this in good hands for the future development of Transotape.

Dansk Emballage Industri A/S has an affiliate – Transø Trading Co. Aps. – who deals with process- and packaging machines for confectionary- and pharmaceutical industry as well as bakeries in all Nordic countries.